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From my mouth to GOD's ears


Waiting on the train
Realizing that I'm broken
I'm out
On the next thing smoking
HENE been hot
Pennie candies and tokens
But I need to take my soul to a place more open
I'm a cheater
A complex puzzle
A poster
Child I'm a billboard
Tryna top the charts on a billboard
Bill Bradsky
I and I who steal for
Who I rob for
Fuck you think I rap for
To push a fuckin rav 4
You think I practice
Not to be a mastor
I been a man whore
I've been a faithful man
Now I'm asking for money
Lord knows Im patient man
hotter than the patty of Jamaican Men
I ain't Tryna make a band
I ain't Tryna make a fan
Follow me
Not like a Stan or a fuck
Boy I'm colder than the Stanley Cup
But just like the pennant
You should hold me up

One man recking machine
Make the music
The cover
The promo campaign
Branding in a Bubble
Self contained
Biologically super
Superimpose the duper
My life highlights bloopers
Watch for the snoopers
You still on the block
Boy you stupid
The crack game in the board room
Shall I show you the future
Age doesn't neuter maneuvers
Peace doesn't ruin those Rugers
Like As that
Formula label it Hazmat
Put a whole stack on a half back
Tryna make my math back
You glossy Matte that
Pockets thin Fat that
Boom Pow Pap Pap
Sound of the speakers
Smoke a pound now I'm tweaking
Study the game
Now I'm geeking
On all the pretty women that I'm meeting
Got my queen at home
Chess not checkers
Say The wrong shit
Get decked out your Skechers
This lessons lectures
Misdirections nigga
Negroes nigger
Every time I fuck the world
My dick get bigger
While you Waiting on the next man
I'm a grand stand
In the band stand
Make my plan ran
Away with cams and
With the money bought a trans am
Fear not the evil of men
Mamma told me
If I fuck a white broad
My dad'll scold me
If I don't make money
My son will starve
Is it you gonna tell me
I'm not a GOD
5 percent of the nation
Will rise from the basement
To take there rightful placement
We can all be up
leave the bottom vacant
It's a hollow matrix
Fill with lotta fake shit
Displaced races
I won't take hatred
My mind is wasted my heart is pure
No satist
Looking for them bands
No keys no bassist
Each idea claysic
Truth real facts Basics

And when I make it
Know that I made this


released June 28, 2015
Produced, Written and Performed by Ohene Cornelius
Mixed and Mastered by Jahmane Bright



all rights reserved


Ohene Cornelius New York, New York

Credits include: Action Bronson's "The Symbol," Kick Ass, Law and Order, Nike's Hyper Dunk Commercial, Zenith & Blue Bloods. He's opened for Das Racist, Danny Brown, BK Wildlife, throws insane 420 friendly film & music events throughout the NY & LA areas. He's an innovative entrepreneur who's brand of music video movies {Cleverly titled "MOViEOs"} have set him apart from his indie counterparts. ... more

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